Pathological and histoligical second opinion diagnosis:
L.E.M laboratory provides second opinion diagnostic service for private patients, medical tourists, doctors and clinics who have the need to re-examine a pathological answer.
How do we perform second opinion service in L.E.M laboratory?
The findings are given to senior pathological specialists to provide a high quality and accurate diagnosis. Answers provided in three work days. If the need for extra immunohistochemical stains arises, the additional answer will follow suit.
Dr. Myriam Konichezky, senior pathologist and L.E.M laboratory's medical manager explains:
When does the necessity for a second opinion consultation arise?
When clinical evidence and other tests performed and not in line with the pathological diagnosis.
In times when the pathological diagnosis is "Borderline lesions"- meaning that the answer is not conclusive. In these cases it is recommended to consult a pathologist that specializes in that field in order to clarify the answer and determine an explicit diagnosis.
In rare and uncommon situations, such as infant illnesses.
Second opinion diagnosis has critical therapeutic implications, helping determine the course of treatment: surgery, chemotherapy, genetic sequencing, re-excision or biopsy and others.
Short recommendations when admitting medical material for second opinion diagnosis:
Make sure the material is brought in with the patient's identification document (ID/Passport).
The findings should be kept in room temperature, paraffin blocks could melt when left in vehicle!
Referral notes must me clear and readable, including necessary information regarding the patient, medical situation-surgery or procedure taken place and the exact location of the biopsy or excision. In cases in which the information is not in Hebrew or English, please provide a clear translation and description.
Thank you!