LEM Jobs

Medical laboratory workers.

The essence of the work is the preparation of pathological and cytological material for diagnosis by pathologists and cytoscinarians. The position requires the ability to operate precise instruments, evaluate materials and test and prepare findings according to the protocols and the situation in real time.
Processing of pathological findings will require skill and accuracy in the preparation of paraffin tissue and fixation, including tissue cutting in the microstome, placing the material on carrier glass, drying and dyeing the tissue or cells using appropriate equipment. In addition to basic hypocrisy, specific immunohistochemistry hypocrisy will be performed according to the pathologist's requests. Preparation of cytological findings will be done by fluid handling and placement on surfaces, routine cell hypocrisy and cell block for hypocrisy and other tests. In this field, body fluids such as urine, body fluid cell suction by a fine needle (FNA), and Pap tests (cell collection from the cervix) enter.
The L.E.M laboratory is approved by the Ministry of Health for the purpose of internship for medical laboratory personnel.

Medical secretaries and general staff.
The pathological and cytological diagnostic work includes a complex system of workers whose task is to ensure the implementation of the process, which begins with the collection of material and receipt of the material, and until the results and results are sent to the doctors, clinics, health funds, research laboratories and other referral agencies.
The Medical Secretariat and the General Staff coordinate the collection of materials in front of the clinics and the delivery company, create a barcode for the samples, verify the match between the patient and the sample and confirm receipt of the material with the senders. The material should be prepared for initial processing and preparation by a medical team that passes the findings to the medical laboratory staff and from there to a diagnosis by pathologists and cytosecinarians. The answers are sent back to the Medical Secretariat and are responsible for uploading the answer to the computerized system, as well as for sending the response to the clinics and referral agencies, while coordinating the manner in which the answers are received. In addition, the medical secretaries are responsible for receiving the public, answering telephone and customer service, including handling urgent and special cases.

Pathological specialists and cytosciners (cytological diagnosis).
L.E.M lab is searching for pathologists for pathological diagnosis: breast, nervous system, digestive system, female and male sex system, ear and throat nose, skin, cancerous tumors and other.
In addition, cytoscinarians are required to diagnose cells from body fluids including urine, Pap tests and Pap smears.