L.E.M Profile


L.E.M laboratory is a private laboratory in the fields of histology and pathology and molecular pathology, located in the Science Park in Nes Ziona.
The laboratory is under supervision and authorization of the ministry of health and has a certificate of international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:27799. The laboratory works in full cooperation with CAP (Collage of American Pathologist) – and performs inside and outside quality assurance checks according to its standards.
The laboratory was founded by Professor Herzel Ben-Hur in order to provide professional services and to enhance awareness among women and gynecologists regarding the importance of the early discovery of cervical cancer. Throughout the years the laboratory has grown and expended into the field of histology and putting an emphasis on the importance of early discovery of all malignant diseases. Our clientele is extensive and is based on doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, public and private clinics and national health care. In addition we provide research services for Israeli start-up companies to help then in various research phases.
The laboratory staff includes expert pathologists from various fields of expertise, a fact which means that we have the majority of malignant tumors reported in professional literature covered. The medical staff is supervised by professor Elimelech Okon, one of the top pathologists in Israel and a world renowned expert in hemopathology. In addition, the laboratory has professional staffs which include screeners and cytologists who take care of all pap smear surfaces and of all cytology tests, lab technicians and technicians who take care of the tests from the moment they arrive at the laboratory and until they are prepared for analysis by an expert, and medical secretaries who issue the answers in English and in Hebrew for the doctors treating the cases.
At the L.E.M laboratory, there is a complete pathological arrangement, which is meant to enable early discovery of malignant diseases in general and cervical cancer in particular. This arrangement includes a pathological department in charge of receiving the material which arrives directly from the operation rooms and also provides services for treating and diagnosing frozen dissections in the operation room. The top pathologists who work in our laboratory go out to operation rooms in order to assist in pathologically diagnosing tissue and frozen dissections. In the pathological section regular pathological staining such as H&E, special histopathological staining and immunohistochemical staining are performed. The gynecological arrangement provides service for health funds and for private doctors. The PAP department treats PAP smear surfaces and thin-prep PAP samples collected by the various doctors and scans for the 36 different species of the Human Papyloma virus – HPV TYPING - using the most advanced technology available today.
Since 2020 L.E.M laboratory has joined the health services of Clalit National Health Care and Machon Mor.