L.E.M laboratory performs pathoglocial, histological, molecular, and cytologic diagnosis. Providing high quality results by senior pathologists and cytoscreeners, highly trained laboratory staff, advanced materials and machinery. We provide pathological diagnosis for early detection of cancer and other diseases, biopsies, analyzing tumors (benign and malignant), and all tissues and orgnans.

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When a tissue is removed from the body it is mandatory to send the finding to a laboratory for pathologic diagnosis.

The finding is processed, fixed in a paraffin block, finely cut and stained according to need, and handed to a pathologist that determines the state of the tissue and cells.

In addition, L.E.M laboratory perform cytologic diagnosis of body fluids extracted from body cavities, cysts, the thyroid gland, spinal fluid, urine and more. Body fluid extraction is performed and sent for diagnosis in several methods including FNA-Fine Needle aspiration and others.

L.E.M laboratory also provides Frozen Section service, a real time pathological diagnosis made in the operating theater (OR) by a pathologist during the operation thus enabling the surgeon to make crucial decisions regarding the proceedings. Later the tissue will undergo full processing and embedding in the laboratory in order to give a final and complete answer.

L.E.M provides second opinion services in all pathological fields, including all types of tissues, cells and pathological material. In L.E.M laboratory we use the service and consultancy of the most senior pathologists in Israel, diagnosing complex pathological conditions: bacteria, virus and fungi infections, tissue necrosis, cancerous and benign tumors, myelomas, lymphomas, sarcomas and others.

L.E.M laboratory performs pathoglocial, histological, Molecular, and cytologic diagnosis of biopsies from orgnas, tissues and liquids extracted from the body. Providing a high quality diagnosis by senior pathologists and cytoscreeners, highly trained laboratory staff and advanced materials and machinery. We recieve biopsies from clinics and physicians all around the country including national health cares, private insurances, medical tourism and more.

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How is a biopsy or specimen prepared for pathological diagnosis? watch the video!

?When is a biopsy carried out

The cells are the basic unit of the body. In a healthy state the cells grow and split into new cells according to the body's needs. Cells grow old, die and are replaced by young cells. There are situations when new cells are created without the body needing them and the old cells do not die as they are supposed to. The surplus cells are accumulated and create an accumulation of tissues called a tumor.

There are two kinds of tumors: benign and malignant.

What is the difference between a benign tumor and a malignant tumor? 

Benign tumors are not cancerous, and can usually be removed by surgery. Counted among them are beauty spots, cysts, warts, polyps, myomas and more. The growth of those tumors is usually slow. Usually, a benign tumor doesn't grow back after it is removed and does not endanger the life of the patient.

A malignant tumor is a cancerous tumor. The cells can infiltrate other tissues and create secondary tumors inside them. In addition, cells from the tumor can infiltrate the blood circulation or the lymph system and create secondary  growths in distant areas. Malignant tumors can grow back after they are removed. 

Biopsy is a tissue sample. This medical test is performed on a tissue or on cells or even on a whole organ which are removed from the body. The goal of this test is to determine the type of cells, whether they are benign or malignant.

!Early detection is the key