Pap test

An important part of  L.E.M laboratory is the Pap smear departement aimed at providing early discovery of changes in cervical cells. This arrangement includes a cytological laboratory that receives the material straight from hospitals, from clinics and from private doctors who see L.E.M as their home lab.

The Pap department provides a professional service and enables gynecologists to perform further tests if needed, in order to reach a quick and exact diagnosis.

Pap tests -cervical screeing tests are a part of the regular test schedule for women, which helps identify faulty cells before they become pre-cancerous or cancerous. The doctor takes tissues from the pap  smear and puts it on a carrying glass for a microscopic analysis in the laboratory. An early discovery of a change in the pap smear cells is very important for treating and preventing cancer. In the last few decades there has been a rise in the number of cases with pre-cancerous conditions and decline in the number of cervical cancer cases. This  change is attributed to early discovery.


In addition to the classic Pap Tests, we perform ThinPrep Pap tests. 

In the classic Pap Test method, a large portion of the collected cells were thrown out with the receptacles and therefore did not appear on the surface. the spreading creates a non-homogenous surface which contains many accompanying cells such as blood and mucous cells, which makes an exact diagnosis harder to perform. Improvement of this method created the thin-prep Pap.

It is a new technology in which the doctor transfers the cells collected from the cervical smear to a receptacle containing a preservation liquid. This way the cells do not stick together and do not create multi layered accumulations.

A separation of the cells is performed in the laboratory, using a device which filters the cervical smear cells from the unnecessary material like blood and mucous cells, and creates a thin and clean surface of cells on a carrying glass.

An important advantage of ThinPrep test over Pap test, is that in case of suspecting presence of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), a virus that is known to be the main cause of Cervical Cancer, the tube is sent immidiately for further examnination. 

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Not all changes in the cells indicate cancer. In some cases, the cells will revert to normal after some time, but it is very important to perform tests to eliminate the possibility of cancer.