L.E.M laboratory offers Molecular tests for classification and understanding cancer tumors, deciding upon treatment for cancer patients, identifying viral infections, and more

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Molecular Pathology deals with identification and classification of diseases by examining cells, tissues, body fluids and more in the molecular level. The diagnosis is made by sequencing and understanding gene changes and gene expressions. Furthermore, Molecular pathology tests examine the relationships and interactions between body systems unto the finest levels of the cells.

In the relatively young field of Molecular Biology, Molecular Pathology had practical implements that are already being used regularly in pathological diagnosis, thus playing a major part in clinical decisions regarding the course of treatment for patients.  

Research dealing with the connection between gene expression and the potential of disease development and progression is in the center of this field. As these connections are better understood, they create the possibility of personalized (precision) medicine.

Personal medicine improves early detection and treatment of cancer, helping provide faster and more specific diagnostic answers, as well as preventing unsuitable and harmful medical treatments.

Molecular Pathology tests available in L.E.M:

HPV (Human Papilloma virus) identification in cervix.