Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in Singapore and Phillips health technologies are working together to digitalize SGH's Histopathological laboratory. Research conducted by both partners shows that the work efficiency will rise by 7% thanks to the new technology. Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution scans slides and enables pathologists to examine the specimens on a large and comfortable computer screen, rather than through the eye of a microscope.

Pathological tests are in the rise in Singapore due to a growing population, longer lifespan and a rise in cancer patients- Singapore's no.1 cause of death. Pathologists examine early detection tests, as well as defining cancer tumors in order to decide a cause of treatment.

Many companies, amongst them in Israel are developing AI- Artificial Intelligence that will perform initial identification and deciphering of tests, and in the future, will give answers.

Dr. Eliyahu Golomb, head of the Molecular Pathology section in Shaarei Tzedek hospital explains:

"There is progressive research on cancer diagnosis using digital systems. Digital Pathology digital systems identify suspicious spots or areas, and alarm the examining pathologist. Some things computers can do better than human beings, such as counting Ki-67 (a protein that it's rate is measured in tumors as an index of the cells that are in process of increase), finding germ like HP Helicobacter Pylori or Tuberculosis germ cells Ziehl Neelsen stained, and more.


During Covid-19 pandemic, there is a great importance to using Digital Pathology to enable pathologists to work at home. Furthermore, Slide scanning systems that are already in use in pathology laboratories enable pathologists to give answers and second opinion for tests taken anywhere in world. This possibility to give second opinion and consult with peers easily with a computer system

Without the burden of physically transferring the slides and the specimens, may increase the pathologists workload but will improve precision and decrease human errors.

In the USA, the FDA announces Covid-19 guideline that makes it possible for pathologists to work at home so they won't have to work in the laboratory and lower risk of Covid-19 infections."

L.E.M laboratory invites Digital Pathology system developers to contact us and create a digital cooperation.



Enforcement Policy for Remote Digital Pathology Devices During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19) Public Health Emergency Guidance for Industry, Clinical Laboratories, Healthcare Facilities, Pathologists, and Food and Drug Administration Staff: