In L.E.M laboratory we perform immunohistochemical tests (IHC) in order to identify the presence of antigens, molecules that can appear in the body as a part of normal metabolism, or in a state of pathological developement involving infections of a viral or bacterial source or abnormal cancerous cell growth.

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The immunohistochemical stains are based on antibodies that bind specifically to antiges, thus enabling aidentification and characterization of a specific antigen.

The tests are carried out using a wide range of immunohistochemical stains in order to provide an accurate identification creating a full and detailed picture.

Immunohistochemical stains are coplex and constitute an important level of a clinical diagnostic process. They are cerried out by highly advanced equipment while followed by strict supervision and quality control.

The Immunohistochemical departement in L.E.M is managed by Mrs.Meira Kaufman, MSc.


Some of the commonly used stains in L.E.M: ALK1, BCL (1...), CD (7...), CK (5...) , Chromogranin, E.cadherin, EGFR, Helicobacter pylori, HER2neu, ER, PR, PAX (5...), HMB45, Kappa, Lambda, MART1, Melan A, P (16...), S100, Vimentin, and many others.