L.E.M laboratory provides outsourcing services for startup and high-tech companies, universities and the medication industry.

Histological tests, preparation of a paraffin block, its dissection and analysis of the data. The laboratory specializes in Frozen Section procedures, immunohistochemical colorings (tumor indicators), pap smear test diagnosis using the conventional and the thin-prep methods (including issuing kits) and HPV typing using the DNA chip method for discovery and location of 24 species of the HPV virus.

L.E.M Laboratory invites research companies to use our services. We can help you define the questions and also find with you the answers. We examine human and animal tissues, organs, and cells down to proteins.  
We use Immuhistochemistry methods for diagnostic purposes and research and advanced Molecular Pathology methods. L.E.M Laboratory can find the information you're searching for.
-Brain and Nervous system
-Ear Nose and Throat
-Skin, Hair and nails
-Heart, Blood vessels 
-Bones Joints and Muscles
-Digestive system including: Oral tissues, Oesophagus, Stomach, Small intestine, Colon, Rectum, Appendix, Anus.
- Liver and Pancreas
-Urinary system featuring: Renal artery, Kidney, Aorta, Ureter, Bladder, Urethra, Nephrons ,Glomerulus, Tubes
-Male and female reproductive system
Our core work is providing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with a wide variety of experimental research projects:
-         Clinical trials       
-         Frozen section
-         IHC- Immunohistochemistry
-         Paraffin blocks
-         PAP smears
-         ThinPrep cevical Test
-         PCR
-         HPV typing with DNA chips for the identification of 36 types of genital HPV.