Topaz Bar Gil from Perrigo pharmaceuticals came to L.E.M lab to refresh procedures and regulations of VIP 6- Vacuum Infiltration Processor. VIP 6 is used to process tissues as part of the preparation of tissues for diagnosis by pathologists under the microscope.

One of the steps is dehydration.

Topaz explains: "When extracting tissue from the body by biopsy or other methods, the tissue is placed in Formalin. Formalin stops enzymatic activity and protects the tissue from decomposition and decay. Human tissue is hydrophilic- it interacts with water and has water in it. In order to fixate the tissue in Paraffin, the water has to be extracted from it. We use alcohol to do that. Head-aches and other hangover effects alcohol are caused due to dehydration that alcohol causes. We take advantage of this quality to extract water from the tissues. We start with alcohol 70% and gradually rise the percentages. It's important to rise it gradually, or else the tissue with dry up too fast and break."

Photo: Dr. Ella Kaganovsky, L.E.M lab and Topaz Bar-gil, Perrigo.