A large scale research in Denmark shows the benefits of Prosigna test as a diagnostic tool for women who had breast cancer.

All women in Denmark who had breast cancer during 2000-2003 participated in the study, and the results show the clinical advantage Prosigna provided for them. Women who had a low risk of recurrence of cancer were spared difficult chemotherapy treatment, and were treated with hormonal therapy for 5 years instead.

The research was published in JCO- Journal of Clinical Oncology, (Jan, 2018).

Women who participated in the study were postmenopausal, over the age of 50, with early stage breast cancer, positive hormone receptors (HR+), negative HER2, and with no involvement of lymph nodes up to involvement of 3 lymph nodes (0-3).

Dr. Bent Ejlertsen, of the Danish Breast Cancer Cooperative Group, explained that the results have convinced them to include Prosigna as a diagnostic tool for treating women recovering from breast cancer in Denmark.

Prosigna- by Nanostring technologies is performed in L.E.M laboratory in Nes-Ziona science park. The test is performed in the lab, saving precious time of shipping to laboratories abroad. Results are given in a few days only.

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How does it work?

Prosigna is based on the genetic signature "PAM50" that identifies 50 genes in the tumor. The molecular biological information is calculated with more relevant factors to produce ROR- Risk of Recurrence score to predict distant recurrence in 10 years. Women who have a low ROR score are directed to be treated with hormonal therapy and do not need chemotherapy. This is an important step forward in personalized medicine, making therapy suitable for a specific person, and not for a generic disease.

The test is performed on tumor tissue that has been removed in surgery, and does not require additional procedures for the patient.