In recent years  the use of molecular tests as part of the therapeutic process for cancer patients has become an essential part of the diagnostic process. Molecular tests enable diagnosis of the cancerous tumor by identifying genes that are expressed in the tumor. LEM laboratory has added Prosigna- a genomic  tests using PAM50 genomic signature for classification and identification of breast cancer tumors.

Prosigna in LEM:

-L.E.M is providing essential information for breast cancer patients, predicting chances of recurrence of tumor.

-The test is performed on tumor tissue that has been extracted in surgery- no need for additional biopsies.

-Results given in the course of only a few days.

- Cutting edge technology combined with L.E.M highly professional laboratory team.

- All tests checked and supervised by 2 senior pathologists who are breast cancer specialists.

-LEM laboratory is the only laboratory in Israel performing the tests with the authorization of the Israeli ministry of health.
General info
Many researches, clinical trials and scientific publications support the importance of classification of breast cancer tumors using gene expression in order to evaluate prognosis and decide upon the right treatment for the patients.

Prosigna was chosen to be used in large scale trial in Britain taking place currently. The trial, OPTIMA- Optimal Personalised Treatment of breast cancer using Multi-parameter Analysis, will check what is the best treatment for 4,500 women recovering from breast cancer.

The trial has also an economic impact. The reduction in use of chemotherapy could result in saving between 11.5m to 17m pounds for the NHS per year. 

Comparison of 6 prognostic tests for reaccurance of breast cancer show that Prosigna provides the most accurate and informative results. The research was published in JAMA, April 2018.

Oncologists ! Download here a short explanation for your patients: Why choose Prosigna?


The benefits of Prosigna over other molecular tests for breast cancer tumors:
-Prosigna is a genomic tests approved by the FDA and the CE. The test uses genetic information and is based on PAM50 genomic signature, analyzing 50 tumor genes.
-Prosigna is used to evaluate the possibility of breast tumor reappearing in breast cancer patients for ten years after detection of the disease, providing ROR- Risk of recurrence score. The test shows accurate results in extensive clinical  trials.
-Prosigna classifies the patients to three risk groups- low, intermediate and high. The test is ordered by the oncologist or treating physician when there is a need for a decision regarding the course of treatment to prevent tumor recurrence- chemotherapy, hormonal treatment or other.
-Prosigna is the only test providing a classification of the tumor to one of four intrinsic subtypes: Luminal A, Luminal B, HER2 enriched  and Basal-like.
Prosigna assessment of the risk of recurrence according to:
- Gene signature PAM50
-Intrinsic subtype of tumor
-Size of tumor
-Lymph node involvement
-Tumor proliferation score
The technology:
Prosigna is operated using the most advanced technology- nCounter that has been developed by Nanostring Technologies situated in Seattle, Washington. Nanostring specializes in genetic molecular tests for research and medical diagnosis.
For more information regarding performing Prosigna test  in LEM, call 08-9380770.

All you need to know: Prosigna® Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay 

Prosigna breast cancer test is included in all major international ongology societies: